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Shadowrénd / Dec 03, 2013
We rocked that party like it was nothing ever seen before! Shetra Bilbeto and Chucro clearly earnt their pay! here is some moments from that fantastic party

think that was good? got more events to plan and more to cook for! next time hope to have more pie! and more beer!
Shadowrénd / Nov 28, 2013
Hullo hullo everybody everywhere
Hullo you who is a traveler
Hullo you who worked on the farm
ready for you the Bird and Baby Inn

Come and join us In The Shire
Everybody needs great and delicious ale
From breakfast to supper and all between!
We will wait for you in rain or shine!

Don't be surprised if you look around
and can see birds and babies all around
It's just the good ale and wine

The Bird and Baby Inn open now!
To turn that frown... upside down!